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You’ll want a manufacturer who takes security extremely seriously, and an automated, intelligent solution that provides fast, effective protection for your assets and your business, so you can enjoy complete safety, security and control. That’s why we’ve created the fastest, best-equipped, most complete smart drone on the market today.

Based in our Paderborn facility, our industry-leading team – headed by Wolf-Henning Ohly and Dr. Aaron Gryzia – have invested all their experience, expertise and passion into VIAFLY, an advanced drone specifically designed and optimised for one purpose only: security.

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Thousands of companies globally are using drones to successfully deter intruders and detect problems at their facilities, installations or warehouses. At VIAFLY, we wanted to make something better – more powerful, more accurate and more complete – that everyone can trust and depend on. 

We’ve taken all possible elements vital for a truly comprehensive security drone, combined them with powerful A.I. systems and robust materials, and built a unit specifically able to detect, analyse, report, deter, protect, and achieve all your goals for security and safety.

VIAFLY are pioneering a new drone age, where exceptional devices will enable companies, businesses and personnel to become more effective in their work and reach their full potential. We see a future where automated technologies blend naturally with human actions, helping everyone to become more active, productive and thorough, so they can have more impact on society, and the world.

Viafly Smart Drones

Our Values

Improve and Innovate

Improve and

In a world where technology is always evolving, we constantly analyse the latest developments and engineer new uses for established elements and materials.

Exceed Expectations


We always aspire to go beyond preconceived ideas or any single viewpoint to create devices that surprise, delight, fascinate and impress.

Focus on Clients and Solutions

Focus on clients and solutions

Every business has specific needs according to its environment and circumstances. We focus on what clients require, listening and iterating to create the best solution.

Shape the Future

the future

We envisage a time where drones can be more sophisticated, integrated and helpful, benefitting not only commercial organisations, but the whole of society.

Revolutionise how you protect your facilities, property and staff

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