VIAFLY is a new generation of autonomous patrol drone, able to deploy in seconds and equipped with industrial-grade functions and abilities. Delivering so much more than a simple filming or mapping drone, it will revolutionise your approach to security and your responses to issues, whether human or mechanical, while using 85% less personnel.

And the best part? It’s designed and manufactured entirely in Germany.

21st-Century Security


The VIAFLY drone presents an active deterrent to intruders. It deploys quickly to detect, record and intimidate potential burglars, saboteurs or vandals, at no risk to staff and at far less cost than conventional patrolmen or a helicopter.

Total Confidence


Your response to problems and threats will be fast, informed and unquestioning. With no emotional context, the drone is fearless, composed and 100% reliable. It doesn’t fall victim to human error and never feels tired.


Formidable and Resilient


Quicker and more thorough than any human, the drone can navigate all environments, handle adverse weather any time of day or night, and combines a powerful A.I. with comprehensive technology and exceptional design. Find out more below.


Making the invisible visible, and leaving nowhere to hide

Drones are able to capture images and video footage from perspectives impossible for conventional security personnel and equipment, but a camera alone cannot provide the level of coverage needed to truly monitor your facility. The VIAFLY patrol drone incorporates an impressive array of cameras and sensors, all reporting back to your operator using LTE wireless broadband communication, ensuring almost limitless range if needed.

Misses Nothing

Misses nothing

The VIAFLY drone is equipped with 25 cameras, offering constant 360-degree coverage (even upwards to detect other drones or aircraft), as well as a versatile gimbal, microphones and detailed video recording abilities. Headlights on a front gimbal are included to illuminate points of interest at night or in dim conditions.

Seeing what you cannot

To thoroughly protect your premises and property, the drone is equipped with several sensors that go beyond the range of the human eye: thermal camera, night vision, obstacle detection and classification – day or night – with 3mm resolution, and seven laser beamers. Cameras with powerful lenses and 30x optical zoom enable visibility at distances of several kilometers.

Misses Nothing
Agile Yet Eady To Control

Fast, agile and easy to control

Conforming to all EASA aviation standards, the drone is designed for excellent thrust and manoeuvrability. Capable of up to 80 km/h, its rotors generating 90kg of thrust to combat strong winds, it incorporates collision avoidance systems, 100% hands-off operation with 3D mouse control, and a graphic user interface (GUI) that can be transferred to a variety of devices. In the event of the drone going offline or losing connection, failsafe systems like ‘return to home’ mean it can automatically find its way back to the hive, even through complex environments.

Looking after itself, as well as your property

The VIAFLY drone’s software and A.I. is second to none. Fully autonomous, it can register its surroundings, recognise inconsistencies and threats, assess the situation and report instantly back to your operator. Powered by triple-redundant companion computers, providing unprecedented performance and resilience, the drone receives regular online updates to keep the system safe and even increase its capabilities.

Knows what it’s seeing

Programmed to understand where your people should be and shouldn’t, and the difference between bushes, crates, pipelines and intruders, the drone features comprehensive 3D object identification and recognition software with 3mm resolution, as well as a search, tracking and pursuit mode. With data collected in 360 degrees in real time, no-one can sneak up, and nothing goes undetected.

Knows What It's Seeing

Knows where it’s going

The VIAFLY drone becomes completely familiar with your environment, utilising GPS and SLAM navigation software for 3D point mapping and orientation. Recognising exactly where it needs to go, the drone is able to conduct unpiloted mission flights with pathfinder, including returning itself to the hive to recharge. The unit also conforms to all EASA aviation standards.

Knows Where It's Going

Learns and improves

The drone may need to assimilate a lot of new information about its environment and missions initially, but its advanced machine learning software allows it to continually evolve, update and improve. The VIAFLY drone’s advanced A.I. module stores new information so it can make even better decisions and does so in compliance with all data protection and privacy laws.

Learns And Improves

Swift, graceful, adaptable, efficient

The VIAFLY drone’s striking appearance marks it out as pioneering new standards in design and construction. You’ll want a drone that is capable not only of responding quickly and recognising everything it sees, but also of carrying heavy payloads, withstanding impacts and continuing to operate despite exposure to heat, cold, wind or rain. And for added security, quality and peace of mind, the entire machine is designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany.

Strong, Light And Versatile

Strong, light and versatile

For a drone of its size, it’s surprisingly light – formed from carbon-fibre, GRP and aluminium, it weighs only 15kg (without battery). However, its highly durable build and modular design enables it to carry an impressive range of cameras and equipment, while its interchangeable arms or gimbals are easily customised for every circumstance. Materials are designed to last 10,000+ hours of flight time, so the little maintenance that is required is easy and predictive.

Looks The Part

Looks the part

VIAFLY’s design distinguishes the device in the modern drone market. Conceived from the start as a complete entity, with parts fabricated and assembled in the same place, the drone has a sleek, aerodynamic, unified appearance where every aspect comes together perfectly to create an attractive whole.

A Drone That Stands Its Grounds

A drone that stands its ground

Its triangular philosophy and powerful double propellers give the VIAFLY drone incredible stability in all conditions. Able to remain balanced in winds of up to 70 km/h, it is dust resistant and able to withstand all but the most extreme adverse weather conditions. Its durable battery life gives it an impressive flight time of up to 30 minutes when fully-loaded, equipping it for multiple missions, day or night, on a single charge.

Three steps to securing your VIAFLY drone

Transforming your security from relying on human staff and integrating a VIAFLY patrol drone into your facility’s routines is a smooth process, whether you lease the drone or purchase outright.